July 8, 2015 -- clh3x
To the Recommender
The person whose name appears above is applying for admission to the VIRGINIA NATURAL RESOURCES LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, a partnership program run by the University of Virginia Institute for Environmental Negotiation, Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Virginia Department of Forestry. The VNRLI seeks applicants who are, or who possess the ability to become leaders within their organizations or communities. Your evaluation will be included as a part of the information on which we will base our admission decision. We would appreciate your candid evaluation of the applicant, and we thank you for your time and effort.
Outstanding (Top 10%)Very Good (Top 20%)Good (Top Third)Average (Middle Third)Below Average (Bottom Third)No Opportunity to Observe
Leadership *
Ability to Work with others *
Self-Confidence *
Motivation and Drive *
Personal Integrity *
Oral Communication Skills *
Written Communication Skills *
Creativity *