VNRLI Alumni Leadership Coaching Program

Following a successful pilot program last year, VNRLI is pleased to offer one-on-one leadership coaching packages tailored for our alumni at a special rate.

Leadership Coaching Package

  • One-on-One Leadership Coaching Sessions:
    • Up to 7 sessions over a 4-month period
    • Typically, 90-minute first and last sessions with remaining sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes, based on the topic and client preference
    • Offered remotely via Zoom video conferencing or in-person in Charlottesville
  • Clients Accepted on a Rolling Basis
    • Individual Leadership Development Plan: With the support of the coach, the client will identify areas for development that will have the greatest impact on their leadership, and then craft an individual Leadership Development Plan. These plans may be shared with key supporters and reviewed during coaching sessions for progress or course correction.
  • Tailored Self-Work Learning Resources: Optional resources are offered for additional self-learning. These are tailored to each client’s specific leadership development goals and learning style.
  • Ad Hoc Coaching Support: Clients may access interim, ad hoc support outside of the mutually-agreed upon schedule, e.g. through e-mail/text in between scheduled sessions.
  • Coach-Facilitated Leadership Learning Circle: If at least 3 VNRLI clients wish to participate, up to three 45-minute group video conference calls facilitated by the coach to encourage peer-learning, experience and resource-sharing, and support among VNRLI coaching clients.
  • This reduced-rate package recognizes the budget limitations of many small/medium-sized businesses, non-profits and state/local government agencies, and represents the coach’s commitment to supporting VNRLI alumni leaders and local mission-driven organizations.

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360-degree Assessment: Add-on Offering

Developing effective leaders within any organization starts with giving each leader a comprehensive and easy to understand picture of how their closest coworkers currently experience their leadership. The LCP connects a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought, revealing the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior.

  • Recommended at the start of a coaching engagement to inform goal setting and the Individual Leadership Development Plan.
  • Includes Interpretation Manual, LCP report, summary and disaggregated data by evaluator type (boss’s boss, boss, direct reports, peers, other and self), and qualitative evaluator feedback.
  • Includes 90-minute LCP assessment debrief with the coach.

For info on pricing or for more info: Please reach out to Michelle at

Custom-designed coaching and leadership development packages can also be tailored to your organization’s needs. A stand-alone LCP package is also available, i.e. 3 sessions for assessment debrief and development of an individual Leadership Development Plan.


VNRLI Alumni Clients Share How Coaching Benefitted Them:

  • "It is so beneficial because when you are in a leadership role, it is hard to have someone you can confide in and talk openly with. I think many leaders wind up holding so much in, when it is much healthier to have someone to talk to that you can trust."
  • "It provided me a knowledgeable, dispassionate-yet-compassionate professional sounding board and feedback mechanism during one of the toughest experiences I’ve had in my professional life."
  • "Through a series of exercises I was able to evaluate new tools and approaches for success, many of which I will continue to use in both my personal and professional life."
  • "It helped me to clearly articulate goals, desired changes, outcomes."
  • "It provided intentional, constructive, feedback in a positive atmosphere."

Is coaching right for you? Are you:

  • A leader with direct reports or a person without direct reports in a position to influence people, results, projects, programs, initiatives, etc.
  • Committed to personal and professional development and motivated to change.
  • Willing to challenge current beliefs and able to accept feedback.
  • Able to identify a leadership coaching issue as a starting point: i.e., performance, style, skill acquisition, communication, management.
  • Able to develop goals related to your work where coaching will help improve your performance or enhance strengths.
  • Able to commit to the 4-month coaching engagement, and available to meet with the coach (by video conferencing or in person) on a regularly-scheduled basis.
  • Committed to making the time to do the work of coaching that often happens between sessions. This may include reflection, reading, implementing new and changing behavioral practices, self-observations, or other actions you choose. 

Coaching will be delivered by Michelle Oliva, MBA – Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, social enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies and other mission-driven organizations in the US and internationally. View Michelle's coach profile/CV here

  Our Leadership Coaching Approach applies the best practices of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership’s Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching, an ICF-accredited coaching training program.

Our leadership coaching philosophy is grounded in the Co-Active Coaching model (quoted below), as well as other complementary approaches:

  • We start with this assertion: people are, by their very nature, creative, resourceful and whole. They are capable: capable of finding answers, capable of choosing, capable of taking action, capable of recovering when things don’t go as planned, and especially, capable of learning.
  • The term Co-Active refers to the fundamental nature of a coaching relationship in which the coach and coachee are active collaborators…this is a relationship – in fact an alliance – between two equals for the purpose of meeting the coachee’s needs.
  • We believe coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness and choice. It is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important life-giving and life-changing choice.
  • Coaching is not about solving problems, although problems will be solved.
  • A coach is someone who cares that people create what they say they want and that they follow through when they choose. The coach is there to hold people accountable and keep them moving forward toward their dreams and goals.
  • Evoking transformation is a cornerstone of this model.
  • Coaches play a key role, by holding a vision of what is possible and through their commitment to transformative experience. Coachees still choose the topic, the action and the results they want.

Source: Kimsey-House, H., Kimsey-House, K., Sandahl, P., and Whitworth, L. (2011). Co-Active Coaching, Third Edition, Boston, MA, Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

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