2016-2017 Alumni Fundraiser

Gifts to our 2016-2017 Alumni Fundraiser will support VNRLI scholarships, which are vital to the quality and diversity of our program. Many thanks to those who have contributed to this intregral part of VNRLI! Please see our donor list below. 

To make your gift today, please visit www.giving.virginia.edu/vnrli

Members of the Class of 2016 pictured on the Clinch River in St. Paul, VA 


Class of 2001: Ursula Lemanski, Robert Radspinner, Leslie Middleton

Class of 2002: Wade Biddix, Susan Cable, Khalil Hassan, Bob Dunn, John L. Johnson, Diane Dunaway, AJ Wangner

Class of 2003: Judy Okay, Carey Whitehead

Class of 2004: Anne Beals, Ann Jennings, Bud Watson

Class of 2005: Charles Becker

Class of 2006: Elena Gonzalez 

Class of 2007: Llyn Sharp, Becky Gwynn

Class of 2008: Heather Barrar

Class of 2009: Gene Grabtree

Class of 2010:  David Spears, Kim Woodwell

Class of 2011: Frederick Abbey, Cathryn McCue, Nicole Sandberg, Scott Johnson

Class of 2013: Melissa Herlitz, Rick Crofford

Class of 2014: Alycia Crall, Bill Conkle, Carol Heiser, Pat Puglisi, Kelly Wilder

Class of 2015: Cathryn Kloetzli, Ginny Snead, Justin Doyle, Jennifer Wampler, Ryan Klopf

Class of 2016: David F. Joyner, Synthia Waymack, Brian Sewell, Daniel Kestner, Allan Brockenbrough, Emily Nelson, Craig Nicol

Tanya Denckla Cobb, J. Michael Foreman